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Natural Cool’s Aircon Division is the cornerstone of the Group’s business and a recognised leader in the Aircon mechanical ventilation market in Singapore. We are proud of our high service standards as we constantly upgrade the skills of our repair and servicing staff, to proactively respond to all types of Aircon service requests and situations. 

Natural Cool also has in place a team of in-house Aircon specialists to handle more complex repair and servicing services in commercial and industrial spaces. These include public institutions such as schools, hospitals, warehouses, commercial buildings like offices, shopping malls, retail and F&B establishments. Typically, commercial and industrial services in such non-standard buildings are subject to a tendering process as specialised knowledge is required to handle more sophisticated engineering demands. 

Over the years, Natural Cool has acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to provide solutions to tackle Aircon mechanical ventilation systems problems. In addition, our Commercial Service Team is specially trained to provide facilities management services such as space planning, asset management and preventive maintenance of Aircon for smooth and uninterrupted operation. 

Natural Cool’s Aircon Division consists of our Commercial Installation Department, Trading Department and Mechanical & Electrical Department.



Natural Cool’s Commercial Installation Department provides Aircon systems and mechanical ventilation system installation services for commercial projects. 

Our commercial projects may relate to those in the public sector such as school campuses, bus depots, power substations and nursing homes, as well as private sector projects that include factories, offices, shopping malls, condominiums and residential landed properties.

Our commercial projects may be won via public tenders or by private invitations. For some projects, we provide only installation services, whereas for others, we provide turnkey services, including the procurement of Aircon systems. 

Apart from the direct expand system installation, our Commercial Installation Department has also installed chilled water systems and cooling tower system for shopping malls such as One Raffles Place and commercial buildings such as Vision Exchange.


We operate One-Stop Aircon Equipment and Aircon Installation Materials Distribution Hubs, located at Defu Lane and Bukit Batok Street 23. We add value to our contractor customers enabling them to compete effectively in Singapore by best sourcing of Aircon equipment and Aircon
installation materials and accessories.

To do this, we represent all types of Aircon and equipment brands catering to the entire industrial, commercial and residential divisions, such brands included Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Panasonic, LG, Midea, York, Carrier and many more.

We also supply accessories including Aircon installation materials such as Aircon brackets, refrigerant gas, copper coil, wire, insulation, trunking, drain pipe, all other types of pipes and ducts, as well as industrial tools and equipment like electrical drills, drain pumps, screws, bolts and nuts, fasteners, and silicon applicators. Customers such as independent contractors find it useful and convenient as these items are housed under one roof and strategically located at our outlets. 

This capability makes our Trading Department the renowned Aircon Distribution Hub to the Aircon mechanical ventilation industry.


Over the years, Natural Cool’s Mechanical & Electrical Department has trained a group of specialised people to provide solutions for building management to prepare ourselves for a role in to act as Managing Agent (“MA”) for commercial buildings or commercial/industrial estates. We currently possess the full spectrum of skills required for the further expansion to acquire more MA contracts. 

For greater customer convenience through social media marketing and software integration, we offer our flagship Service and Maintenance Contracts to both residential housing and commercial buildings. Customised sitemap and wireframe allow customers to better address their needs with more efficient response and effective results provided. Better interactions with technology to streamline our internal processes, explore new communication channels thereby to achieve cost effectiveness to our customers. 

The business of our highly specialised Mechanical & Electrical Department is conducted through its Commercial and Retail Service Teams and its Fire Protection Team.

JAD Solutions Pte. Ltd. (“JAD”), is a high containment facility engineering company that the Group acquired in August 2018 that focuses on the healthcare, bio-medical industry and petrochemical research facilities by providing consultancy, integration of components, installation, testing, commissioning and the final accreditation to such industries.

Paint Division​Natural Cool’s Paint Division has over 20 years of history in the paint business supporting the construction and marine industry through our flagship Cougar Brand. We manufacture a complete range of cost-effective products which ranges from enamel coatings, epoxy coatings, PU coatings and solvents. Through the years the company has transformed from a backyard manufacturer to becoming a leading supplier of coatings and solvents.
Investment Division​Natural Cool’s Investment Division was established to hold the non-core business activities of the Group, and holds the master tenancy to our corporate headquarters at 29 Tai Seng Avenue.
Regional Business Division​Natural Cool Asia Pte. Ltd. (“NCA”) was formed in August 2017 to spearhead and expand the Group’s interests into the regional markets for Aircon Mechanical Ventilation Systems, and related products and services. NCA was appointed Authorised Distributor by Panasonic for its full and complete range of commercial Aircon products for the regional markets including Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Maldives and Nepal.

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